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NovoPen Echo: A Child-Friendly Variation of the Insulin Pen

Updated: 8/14/21 1:00 pmPublished: 2/28/10

Novo Nordisk is developing a new variation of NovoPen with modifications specifically for children. Dubbed the NovoPen Echo, which will replace the NovoPen Junior, the device will sport a number of child-friendly features, including memory function and half-unit dosages – as well as colorful skins. As we understand it, the memory function will display when and how much insulin is delivered – offering additional peace of mind for parents, in our view. The available half-dosing option also allows for more precision. Research conducted by Novo Nordisk suggests the Echo was well-received – a recent study of children, parents, and health care professionals in Germany, France and Canada showed that the Echo was preferred over NovoPen Junior and HumaPen Luxura HD due to its ease of use, improved design, and unique memory function. As we understand it, Novo Nordisk hopes to launch the Echo in Europe sometime in 2010, as the device does not yet have FDA approval in the US – if its features sound enticing, or if you’re simply excited about being able to color-personalize your pen, be sure to stay tuned to diaTribe. --KC

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