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One Drop Introduces an AI-powered Tool for Heart Disease Prevention

Published: 11/1/21
By Andrew Briskin

One Drop, a digital health coaching platform providing personal care for people with chronic conditions worldwide, recently announced the release of a cardiovascular disease prevention program powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

As part of its efforts to offer artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personal diabetes management coaching, One Drop and Bayer released last week an AI-enabled cardiovascular disease prevention module. This program is part of One Drop’s effort to expand its tools and services beyond diabetes to address one of the most common diabetes-related complications.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be a leading cause of hospitalization and death worldwide, according to the American Heart Association. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also shows that people with diabetes are twice as likely as those without to experience heart disease or a stroke.

“Diabetes and heart health are inextricably linked,” said Rachel Yap Martens, executive vice president of commercial solutions and corporate strategy at One Drop. “According to the World Health Organization, 80% of cases of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes are preventable. Good cardiovascular health can help prevent type 2 diabetes and its complications, and we hope to encourage people to recognize the opportunity to take proactive action [steps] now for a healthier tomorrow.”

The CVD prevention module offers users many different ways to support a healthy heart and prevent the progression of heart disease. The program provides customized educational content to promote the formation of positive health habits such as eating right and exercising regularly. It also includes one-on-one digital health coaching with healthcare providers who specialize in CVD, to support a personal approach to chronic disease management.

Participants will receive interconnected devices that track their weight, blood pressure, physical activity, and medication dosing. The program also supplies users with a One Drop glucose meter and can integrate glucose data from devices and apps like Dexcom, FitBit, and Apple Health. “The CVD prevention module offers a more holistic solution for people living with prediabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a combination of these conditions,” said Martens. Users will “receive connected devices to track health data relevant to their chronic condition(s), which integrate directly with the One Drop app, simplifying glucose, weight, and blood pressure tracking.”

The module can also assist those with diabetes who regularly track different aspects of their food intake by offering an easy way for members to log the amount of carbs, sodium, and fiber that they eat, and allowing them to view dietary trends over time.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the CVD prevention module is its AI-driven predictions and insights. As members of One Drop’s diabetes programs are aware, the platform can provide users with glucose forecasts, allowing them to respond to oncoming highs or lows before they occur. These predictions are driven by billions of health data points collected from the millions of people worldwide who authorize One Drop to use their data. Using this same strategy, the CVD module will provide predictive blood pressure insights, making it possible to detect high blood pressure and proactively prevent cardiovascular complications such as CVD and stroke.

“Any member regularly tracking blood pressure in the One Drop app can receive real-time insights on how their BP is trending, providing them the opportunity to mitigate risks proactively,” said Martens. “Glucose forecasts and blood pressure insights simplify healthy decision-making by connecting everyday behaviors with outcomes and offer ongoing guidance to complement program content and coaching support. The program also uses behavioral science and data science to provide customized educational content to guide members toward making the best health decisions for their hearts.”

The new CVD prevention module can be accessed through the One Drop app. It is accessible right now to members enrolled in One Drop’s multi-condition employer program; later this fall it will be available for direct purchase as an individual package.

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