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One Drop Results Backed by Independent Review

Updated: 3/14/22 2:27 pmPublished: 3/14/22
By Andrew Briskin

An evaluation from an independent, third-party found that One Drop’s multi-condition support program effectively improves the health of people living with prediabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The program could also cut down on annual healthcare costs. 

The digital health coaching company One Drop announced last month that an independent review found its multi-condition support program leads to improved health outcomes for people with prediabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

The independent Validation Institute, dedicated to providing unbiased, data-driven insights on health care solutions and services and educating purchasers/employers, evaluated One Drop’s claims about its reductions in A1C, blood pressure, and weight, and found them accurate. 

“Our audiences and members – real people living with chronic conditions – must know they can trust our evidence,” said Dr. Lindsay Sears, VP of evidence generation at One Drop. “It’s helpful in that validation requires full transparency into the timing, population, and nature of the data collected.”

She said that she hoped the evaluation would provide a level of confidence to One Drop members and clients.

A New Era for Employer Health Care Purchasing

One Drop, which focuses on individualizing chronic disease management, provides users with daily coaching support and live feedback from experts based on their own health data. One Drop offers several different programs, each concentrating on specific conditions including diabetes, blood pressure, general heart health, and weight. 

According to the One Drop website, users who have diabetes and/or high blood pressure lowered their A1C by a full percentage point and significantly reduced their blood pressure while enrolled. According to the Validation Institute report, these improvements were significant in changing the individual’s overall health status. 

Based on the improvements in overall health, as well as glucose and blood pressure management, the report also found that One Drop users could save a significant amount on annual healthcare costs (up to $1,239 on costs for diabetes and $1,892 on costs for high blood pressure treatment) annually. 

In addition, the Validation Institute financially guarantees the program’s effectiveness. This means that people who follow the program properly but do not improve their blood pressure or A1C can file a claim with Validation Institute for up to $25,000. You can find more details here

“Published and presented research demonstrates people using One Drop have made meaningful changes to their lifestyle, experienced weight loss, and enjoy improvements in mental health, job productivity, and overall quality of life,” One Drop’s Sears said. “This translates into actual cost savings for employers and insurers, creating a win-win scenario.”

She said that One Drop will continue to study its programs’ effectiveness with scientific and external validation.

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