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Orexigen and Takeda’s Weight Management Drug Contrave Launches in the US

Updated: 8/14/21 8:00 amPublished: 11/10/14

Twitter summary: Contrave launched in the US w/ weight support program + savings/loyalty programs offer new option for patients

Two healthcare companies, Orexigen and Takeda, recently announced the launch of Contrave (naltrexone/bupropion combination), a new weight management drug now available by prescription in the USA. After FDA approval on September 10, Contrave is the third weight management drug to recently enter the US market after Arena/Eisai’s Belviq (launched in the US in June 2013) and Vivus’ Qsymia (launched in September 2013). Contrave is approved for adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater or adults with a BMI of 27 or greater who have at least one weight-related condition such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. In clinical trials, people taking Contrave lost an extra 5% of their body weight relative to those on placebo (an inactive pill). For more information on Contrave, please see our past new now next coverage in diaTribe #69 or the drug’s label here.

Certain patients will be able to access Scale Down, a free weight management support program. Notably, Scale Down will provide users with a wireless body weight scale (at no additional cost) that triggers personalized texts and tips based on daily weigh-ins – this sounds very cool. In addition, Orexigen is offering savings programs to help reduce the costs of trying and staying on Contrave – more information is here. -MA/AJW

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