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quotable quotes - Early November 2014

Published: 11/10/14
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“Fighting diabetes is crucial to the well-being of the nation and the American people.  It is winnable if everyone does his or her part.”

 – Francisco Estrada (type 2 diabetes, 5 years) at the November 3 patient discussion with the FDA

“The real point is that we need to move toward a culture that supports health. Really, every sector needs to be involved, whether it’s transportation, agriculture, or the private sector. All of these have a role to play.”

Dr. Jim Marks (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, NJ) in our interview with him at the Boston Obesity Week Conference

“A1c is important, but just as important is keeping families together, and keeping families happy, and keeping marriages together. The ripple effect of living type 1 diabetes, it affects all of those aspects of a family – not just A1c”

– Angie Platt (caregiver, parent of a son with type 1 diabetes) at the November 3 patient discussion with the FDA

“I think that youth are our best long-term solution to this problem [preventing diabetes]. It is a combination of having youth that are educated in health and that can make positive life choices, perhaps even teaching their parents. That is the real long-term solution.”

– Mr. Lars Sørensen (CEO, Novo Nordisk) in our interview with him at the Cities Changing Diabetes press conference in Houston, TX.

“Highs and lows happen almost every day, and it can still be life threatening…we need better therapies.”

-Dr. Aaron Kowalski (JDRF) at the November 3 patient discussion with the FDA

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