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Reducing Distress and Enhancing Effective Management for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1-REDEEM)

Updated: 8/14/21 8:00 amPublished: 10/13/14

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Clinical Identifier: NCT02175732

As we’re sure type 1 readers would agree, many people with type 1 diabetes experience considerable emotional distress about the demands of management, which has been associated with poor glycemic control and outcomes. In the UCSF T1-REDEEM trial, researchers will compare how two different behavioral interventions for diabetes distress reduce both distress and glycemic control.

The interventions consist of one-day workshop programs, with follow-up web meetings and calls. One program, called KnowIt, focuses on new advances in diabetes education and behavioral management to help distressed adults with type 1 improve their self-management. The other program, called OnTrack, addresses the personal stresses and emotional strains of having type 1 that can interfere with self-management. Both KnowIt and OnTrack are behavioral programs, meaning that there are no changes in medications or other drug interventions. Participants must be 19 years or older, have had type 1 diabetes for over a year, have high scores on a screening scale of diabetes distress, and have A1c levels >7.5%. Anyone who has had severe complications within the past 12 months (heart attack, blindness, etc.) is excluded from the trial. Participants will be asked to complete online surveys before the program and at three and nine months. A1C, lipids, blood pressure and BMI also will be collected. Participants will receive gift cards for their time and there will be no costs to participate. The program will be California-based, operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles. If interested in participating, contact the trial team directly at 855-850-3599 or [email protected]

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