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Sanofi’s Discount Program Lowers Cost of Insulin

Updated: 7/5/22 3:22 pmPublished: 7/5/22
By Arvind Sommi

The financial burden of managing diabetes can be overwhelming. Sanofi has updated its Valyou Savings Program to make insulin more affordable for those who are uninsured. Read on to see how you can save money on insulin.

$35 for 30-Day Supply of Sanofi Insulin

In light of growing support for a $35 monthly price cap on insulin by President Biden and other members of congress, insulin manufacturers are starting to adjust their savings programs to provide affordable insulin for many people living with diabetes. 

We spoke with Ilisa Paul, a Senior Policy Advisor at Venable, to learn more about why these savings programs are so important. She explained that although there are already many "copay assistance programs," these programs require participants to have insurance.

Paul said programs such as Sanofi's Valyou Savings Program are essential "because there are a limited number of places an uninsured person can go to get help for out-of-pocket costs."

Sanofi previously offered those without prescription medication insurance the option to purchase a 30-day supply of insulin for $99 through the Valyou Savings Program. Effective July 1, Sanofi will lower the cost of this program to $35. 

Those who enroll in the program will pay $35 for up to 10 vials or packs of SoloStar pens per fill or up to 5 packs of Max SoloStar pens per fill. The program covers the following Sanofi insulins:

  • Admelog

  • Toujeo

  • Lantus

  • Apidra 

Support for Underserved Communities

In an effort to address the unique challenges faced by people with diabetes in underserved communities, Sanofi has announced a partnership with Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization. 

Through this collaboration, Sanofi Cares North America will donate insulin and other medications to Direct Relief, which will then distribute these supplies to eligible health facilities. 

Currently, these individuals are required to travel to the pharmacy just to receive their medications – necessitating more time off work and potentially long commutes on public transportation. Having the medications on-hand at the safety net clinic bridges the gap between diagnosis and treatment, potentially improving outcomes for people with diabetes.

For more information on affordable diabetes care, check out Lilly’s similar $35/month Insulin Value Program and read our articles below:

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