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Sanofi/AgaMatrix’s New iPhone-Compatible iBGStar Glucose Meter Cleared by FDA

Published: 1/31/12
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By Adam Brown

Recently, we were excited to hear that Sanofi/AgaMatrix have received FDA clearance for the iBGStar, the first blood glucose monitor that connects directly to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. We first wrote about the iBGStar in NewNowNext in diaTribe #25 when it became available in Europe. As a reminder, the meter is about the size of a USB memory stick, attaches to the iPhone or iPod touch through a built-in dock connector, and uses technology from AgaMatrix. When the iBGStar is plugged directly into the Apple device and a user tests his or her blood sugar, the screen displays the test result using the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App. (Once the meter is on the market, users will be able to download the app for free in the iTunes App Store.) The iBGStar also has a small screen on the device itself, allowing it to be used independently of an iPhone or iPod to measure blood glucose levels. Results are synchronized the next time it is plugged in to an Apple device. We look forward to the launch of this innovative meter in the US, though Sanofi has yet to disclose a timeline.

Besides the small size of the meter, the iBGStar’s key innovation is the simple transfer of blood glucose readings to the well-designed iBGStar Diabetes Manager App. As we understand it, the application will be very similar to the WaveSense Diabetes Manager (designed by Sanofi’s partner AgaMatrix and currently available in the iTunes App Store) – it includes a logbook, trend chart, color-coded screen alerts, and carbohydrate/insulin tracking in a sleek user interface. Other features include the ability to email information to family members/healthcare professionals, and the ability to tag individual blood glucose readings (food, exercise, medicine, or health issues). In the future, Sanofi may integrate an insulin-dosing calculator for Lantus into the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App – we first heard this at a Sanofi corporate presentation in September of last year. Ideally, an integrated Lantus calculator would enable better data recording and potentially, more optimal dosing. –AB

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