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SEVEN Made Simpler

Updated: 8/14/21 2:00 pmPublished: 12/31/07

The FDA has made the DexCom SEVEN continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) much easier to use! In November 2008, the agency said that DexCom could sell a new version of the SEVEN that patients can calibrate using any meter. Patients buying new systems will be able to manually enter the number they see on their meter of choice - rather than dragging around an Ultra monitor, glucose strips, and cable to use when calibrating. DexCom is currently working on creating Bluetooth functionality for this CGM device; in the meantime, this will minimize a great deal of hassle - to say nothing of extra strip costs if the patients are part of the majority of the US who doesn't use the Ultra II meter. If you have a SEVEN already, you should be able to upgrade to the new system by June 2008.

As we understand it, DexCom is close to a third generation sensor - it has completed the necessary clinical trials necessary for FDA approval. Advantages of this system include a 75 percent smaller sensor size - allows for a smaller insertion unit, which is potentially less painful. The other major promised improvement is in the software component of the device; this version of the software will have trend arrows; event markers for food, exercise, and medication dosing; and user-adjustable alerts with different sounds associated with hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

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