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Spending New Years Eve With Glitter Glucose

Published: 12/30/22 8:18 am
By Paloma Kemak

We are so excited that Paloma, better known as Glitter Glucose to her friends and followers would let us prep for New Years Eve with her!  We were able to get a quick behind the scenes and how she spends the holiday! Read more for the interview and some fun recipes!

Q: The world knows you as Glitter Glucose, I'm lucky enough to know you as Paloma. But for those who are not lucky enough to have your sparkle in their life, tell us! Who are you?

  • Im just a small town girl with big dreams, and when I was diagnosed with Diabetes I felt like my life was upside down. I didn't have anybody and I wanted to be that friend that I didn't have so I created my alter ego - Glitter Glucose.

Q: Watching your life online is such a treat! Have you always been so happy and glittery about your diabetes?

  • I've always been outgoing and positive, but at diagnosis I felt defeated. I wasn't happy go lucky for a few years and overcoming that, I feel like myself again! I am this person who likes to have fun and explore and once I was able to grab the reins on my life with Diabetes, I felt like my true self all over again!

Q: You're the unofficial Miss Arizona, but this year you've been serving MISS USA! Can you tell us about traveling with your diabetes?

  • I owe so much of my free spirit to being diagnosed with Diabetes, it made me see life in a bigger picture! I am so lucky to have access to insulin and things that keep me going everyday and I don't want that to go to waste! So I want to live my life and have fun. Living w T1D you can see how fragile life can be so why not YOLO it up!

Q: As fans we know that Glitter Glucose LOVES a theme. What is your favorite thing about the holidays and NYE?

  • I love that it gives people something to look forward to! NYE can be a fresh start, ringing the bell and making a huge deal of it can be so fun. Everyday can be a fresh start but NYE is so fun! And of course, I love the glitter and the glam! Everyones in such a good mood and looking for things to look forward to in the next year.

I really want to share my favorite sangria recipe with you! It’s a lower-carb version of the sangria we all know. I even make this modification when I go to restaurants. Make a pitcher and share with friends! A whole pitcher is less than 15 carbs. 

Enough about me! Lets get into the fun - COCKTAILS!

Sparkling Sangria 

Entire pitcher 
Carb estimate depending on fruits 

  • Bottle Prosecco 0 carbs 

  • 1/2 cup Brandy 0 carbs 

  • 1/4 cup orange liquor 14 carbs~

Q: Where can we find you and keep up with all the fun and interesting things you're up to!?
Follow me on instagram @glitter glucose and subscribe for updates! 

Let’s finish off with a nightcap though. My take on the original nightcap. An espresso martini without the sugar. 

Espresso martini 

  • 1 shot freshly brewed espresso or 2 tbsp of coffee

  • 2 shots vodka 

  • 1 tbsp stevia

  • Ice 

Pour all into a shaker. The secret to making it frothy is the shaking so shake it like you’re on the dance floor. Pour & enjoy. 

I like to pair with keto cheesecakes. Recipe I use here.

What do you think?

About the authors

Paloma Kemak, also known as "Glitter Glucose", is a full-time lifestyle influencer from Scottsdale, AZ. She was diagnosed in April 2013 and created her "Glitter Glucose" persona 2 years later... Read the full bio »