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SymlinPen – Companion to Mealtime Insulin Gets a Face Lift

Published: 2/28/08

 Do you take Symlin? Have you had enough of your cumbersome syringe and vial and want to use something more convenient? The SymlinPen might just be the right for you. This new pen-injector device has fixed dosing that delivers the drug Symlin, which is used with mealtime insulin to control blood sugar. The pen is very convenient in terms of dosing and application, and it is also quite portable and easier to take for patients "on the go." We were able to put our hands on one of the first pens available in California, so check out this issue's Test Drive for diaTribe Editor Kelly Close's take on the SymlinPen. Overall, we believe that the pen is a useful new device for patients, although the drug is a bit complicated to learn – we recommend doing so with a continuous monitor if you can! Nausea is still a temporary side effect, whether Symlin is taken with pen or by syringe. We believe that the SymlinPen has significant potential to make life more convenient. As always, please talk to your healthcare provider if you are thinking about changing your diabetes drug regimen in any way. You can check out to learn more about the drug.

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