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Talk, Learn, and Support Each Other on New Online diaTribe Community

Published: 2/23/18

By Roni Zeiger

Smart Patients and diaTribe are partnering to offer an easy and supportive platform to talk about diabetes

When we started Smart Patients, our dream was to create a safe space where patients and loved ones could learn from each other and support each other. We’ve had an amazing journey over the last five years, supporting communities ranging from Parkinson’s Disease to Weight Management to Heart Transplant.

We are thrilled to launch a diabetes community with The diaTribe Foundation. After getting to know each other for several months, we’ve seen how beautifully complementary our efforts are. diaTribe creates actionable, relevant content, while Smart Patients provides a dynamic community space to talk about that content and how it all fits into the context of your lived experience. 

Diabetes is an especially important area (like I need to tell you!) because it affects so many people in different ways. The way we’ve learned to organize conversations on Smart Patients, and let you follow whichever tags you want, means we can all learn even more from each other.

To all of you in the diaTribe community, I am grateful for your trust and for the opportunity to learn with you. We’ve been working with several of you already to kick-start some great conversations on Smart Patients, so please join us

Roni Zeiger, MD, is the founder of Smart Patients.

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