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Team Type 1 Wins the Race Across America

Published: 8/31/07
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 On June 12, Team Type 1 began the 3,043-mile Race Across America to show the world that “diabetics can do anything and everything that non-diabetics can do,” in the words of Team Type 1 founder Phil Southerland. We’ve been rooting for the team ever since it got started, and after five days, 15 hours, and 43 minutes, they clinched first place. The second place team came in nearly a day behind. Team Type 1 wore the yet-to-be-approved Navigator continuous glucose monitor as well as Insulet Omnipod disposable insulin pumps filled with Apidra. Said team member Monique Hanley recently, “I used to feel like an athlete with type 1 diabetes. Now I feel like an athlete.” Very telling. Read more about Monique, Phil, and Team Type 1 Southerland by clicking here or go to the Team Type 1 website.

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