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Tell Researchers What YOU Think About Artificial Pancreas Systems

Published: 11/16/15
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Twitter Summary: Participate in focus groups to share your thoughts on artificial pancreas systems to help researchers!

You can play an important role in the development of artificial pancreas systems (automated insulin delivery) by participating in a focus group to talk about your own hopes and expectations of this new diabetes technology. Read below to learn more!

Study name: INSPIRE (INsulin delivery Systems: Perceptions, Ideas, Reflections, and Expectations)

What is it?

INSPIRE is a new research study using patient focus groups to identify the potential benefits and barriers people may face in using automated insulin delivery technology, also known as artificial pancreas or closed-loop systems. The results from these focus groups will be anonymously shared with research teams around the world who are developing these systems (including the UVA DiAs group, the Bionic Pancreas group, and more), so that they can integrate the feedback into their products before they may become available to the public. 

The “real world” adoption of artificial pancreas systems will depend on how much these products are designed with the user (and their families!) in mind. Dr. Weissberg-Benchell (a co-leader of the INSPIRE team) and several other thought leaders discussed the “Human Side of the Artificial Pancreas” earlier this year, highlighting that it’s critical to consider peoples’ attitudes, wishes, emotions, and beliefs when designing these systems – not just whether they work.

Who is it for?

People with type 1 diabetes 18 years and older and their loved ones (parent/partner/spouse). It does not matter what therapies you are using – injections, pump, glucose meter, or CGM users can all participate.

What are the details?

The two-hour focus group meetings are held at your convenience using an internet-based video conferencing system. There are separate groups for people with diabetes and for their loved ones. In both groups, members of the INSPIRE team will help lead the discussion. The meetings will give participants the opportunity to share their thoughts about automated insulin systems in a casual and confidential environment.

Compensation: Families will receive a $50 Target gift card in exchange for their participation.

More information: If you would like to learn more about the focus groups, please e-mail Dr. Weissberg-Benchell and her team at: or call at (312) 227-0330. How great is this that these groups are happening!  -NK

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