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Affording Treatment

Diabetes care can be expensive, from daily supplies to glucose monitoring technology to medications to clinical care visits. The good news is there are a number of ways to afford treatment when living with diabetes, whether you are navigating a health insurance plan or paying out of pocket.

We bring you tips on saving money, navigating private insurance, workplace benefits, and Medicare, in addition to information about discounts on the drugs and devices that you use.

What's new

There are several coverage options for those who are unemployed, with special options in place during the COVID-19 national emergency. Continue Reading »

Millions of people either with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes are covered by an employer-based healthcare plan. Employers should think about choosing the best health plans and wellness programs that will maximize productivity and allow their employees to live happy and healthy lives. Continue Reading »

Si cumples ciertos requisitos relacionados con tus ingresos y tu seguro, puedes ser elegible para acceder a programas de asistencia que ofrecen recetas gratuitas. Comprueba si reúnes las condiciones necesarias. Continue Reading »

Explicamos el seguro médico ofrecido mediante un empleador, los beneficios médicos de los empleados y los derechos laborales de las personas con diabetes. Continue Reading »

Cómo lidiar con los cambios en el seguro médico teniendo diabetes sin perder el acceso a la atención, ya sea que cambies de trabajo, cumplas 26 años o te mudes a otro estado. Continue Reading »

The CGM Discount Access program provides discounted rates on the Guardian Sensor 3 continuous glucose monitoring system for people without insurance coverage for Medtronic CGMs. Continue Reading »

If you’ve got unused diabetes supplies that you no longer need, don’t throw them away! Here are several easy ways that you can donate your supplies to others. Continue Reading »

Desde la inscripción en los cuatro tipos de planes hasta lo que cubren, todo lo que necesitas saber si tienes diabetes y te pasas a Medicare Continue Reading »