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Affording Treatment

Diabetes care can be expensive, from daily supplies to glucose monitoring technology to medications to clinical care visits. The good news is there are a number of ways to afford treatment when living with diabetes, whether you are navigating a health insurance plan or paying out of pocket.

We bring you tips on saving money, navigating private insurance, workplace benefits, and Medicare, in addition to information about discounts on the drugs and devices that you use.

What's new

The appeals process for private insurance in the US demystified: why claims are denied, how to submit an internal appeal, how to file for an external review, feedback from other people with diabetes, and more! Continue Reading »

Express Scripts recently announced the launch of Inside Rx, a discount prescription program with savings ranging from 16% to nearly 80% for insulin and other diabetes medications Continue Reading »

New Livongo Family Care Plan available without a prescription or insurance Continue Reading »

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes on intensive insulin therapy can qualify. A major win for the diabetes community following years of patient advocacy! Continue Reading »

Basalgar insulin, glargine, insulin, basal, diabetes, insulin pen

What you need to know about the new insulin, its cost, dosing, and beyond! Continue Reading »

Cash-pay strips with good accuracy and co-pay programs to save money Continue Reading »

Blink Health, diabetes, insulin, Lilly, access

Lilly announces new program, in partnership with Express Scripts, to provide insulin directly to people with diabetes and high out of pocket drug expenses Continue Reading »

CGMs with an insulin-dosing claim, like Dexcom’s G5, finally have a path to Medicare reimbursement; possible coverage in 2018 or earlier  Continue Reading »