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Caregivers & Parents

For many people, being responsible for the care of someone with diabetes –be it a child, a parent, a relative, or a friend – can feel overwhelming at times. Every person with diabetes has their own unique story and their own care needs, and thanks to healthcare professionals, new therapies and technologies, and a multitude of resources, helping someone manage their diabetes to live a long, healthy, and happy life is absolutely possible.

But we know it isn’t easy to negotiate the day-to-day challenges, confusing options, and multiple uncertainties of helping a loved one handle the condition. At diaTribe, we strive to provide a diverse array of articles that offer advice, support, and encouragement to all those who are helping someone live well with diabetes.

What's new

The hardest part about motivation is that everyone needs something different, and motivators can change over time. But for most of us with diabetes, motivation needs to be more tangible than “avoid long-term complications” or “live a longer, healthier life.” That's where this article comes in... Continue Reading »

Friends for Life

Our top actionable tips for parents: straight from Friends for Life! Continue Reading »

JDRF Children's Congress

15 year-old Amelia Cooper was one of over 150 children who visited Washington, DC as delegates for JDRF Children's Congress on July 13-15. She and other children and adolescents with diabetes testified to a Senate panel regarding what it’s like to live with diabetes and why it’s important to continue supporting innovative research for diabetes... Continue Reading »


Practical advice for eating and drinking to combat childhood obesity. Continue Reading »

At the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference this month, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to ~100 teenagers with diabetes. My talk, “10 Tips for Living Well with Type 1,” was a lot of fun to put together, and our team thought diaTribe readers might be interested in seeing it... Continue Reading »

JAMA Pediatrics

The story of one boy’s struggle with stigma. Continue Reading »


Another move from northern California to combat childhood obesity. Continue Reading »

Students with Diabetes

Registration ends May 8 – join this amazing weekend of learning, networking, and meeting other young adults with type 1 diabetes. Continue Reading »