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Caregivers & Parents

For many people, being responsible for the care of someone with diabetes –be it a child, a parent, a relative, or a friend – can feel overwhelming at times. Every person with diabetes has their own unique story and their own care needs, and thanks to healthcare professionals, new therapies and technologies, and a multitude of resources, helping someone manage their diabetes to live a long, healthy, and happy life is absolutely possible.

But we know it isn’t easy to negotiate the day-to-day challenges, confusing options, and multiple uncertainties of helping a loved one handle the condition. At diaTribe, we strive to provide a diverse array of articles that offer advice, support, and encouragement to all those who are helping someone live well with diabetes.

What's new

Medtronic MiniMed 670G

Josh Airth, a 17-year old with type 1 diabetes, recently participated in a clinical trial of the Medtronic 670G "hybrid-closed loop"system (insulin pump + Enlite 3 CGM sensor). We had the opportunity to ask Josh questions about his experience on the 670G, which is the first direct patient testimony we’ve heard so far about this innovative technology.... Continue Reading »

COBA, Childhood Obesity Bay Area Conference

Our main takeaways from this conference: new apps, startling statistics, and more! Continue Reading »

Dr. Richard Insel, JDRF

How this “disease interception” strategy could transform our knowledge of type 1 diabetes. Continue Reading »

Navigating diabetes in high school – the four strategies I follow to stay safe.  Continue Reading »

Dexcom Share – Peace of Mind for Loved Ones, Paving the Way for Next-Gen Mobile CGM. Continue Reading »

ADA’s new childcare position statement – how parents can get the best care for their kids with diabetes. Continue Reading »

The curious milestone of a diabetes anniversary.  Continue Reading »