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Dr. Shreela Sharma’s advice for eating well, moving more, and making goals stick in the New Year Continue Reading »

Solvable Problems in Diabetes

The diaTribe Foundation’s 2016 gathering shares need for earlier treatment, data integration, prevention, amplifying patient voices, and reducing stigma. Continue Reading »

FDA, A1c, diabetes

A1c cannot capture the whole picture – hypoglycemia, time in range, and quality of life add so much more! Continue Reading »

Stephen England discusses balancing elite ultramarathon competitions with a full-time job and diabetes Continue Reading »

Join the conversation about which diabetes outcomes matter most to you – and submit a video! Continue Reading »

college, diabetes, dorm, type 1 diabetes

College Diabetes Network’s free “Off to College” booklets on overcoming diabetes challenges during the college transition  Continue Reading »

Adam Brown leads expert panel discussion at The diaTribe Foundation’s first-ever digital health gathering at ADA 2016. Continue Reading »

You've Got This!

#DiabetesEmpowerment: support people with type 2 diabetes by uploading a motivating video, photo, or quote! Continue Reading »