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Pediatric endocrinologist and longtime diaTribe Advisory Board member Dr. Fran Kaufman shares tips for managing illness and diabetes: make a sick day plan, have supplies on hand, log your data, modify your insulin doses, and call your healthcare team Continue Reading »

Melissa Akers, who helps lead a fruit and vegetable voucher program for people without consistent access to healthy food, shares with us the impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity, what food assistance programs are doing to help, and where we can still feel hopeful Continue Reading »

Be sure to get a flu shot during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect yourself and your community against severe illness and hospitalization. Plus, learn the differences between the coronavirus and the flu Continue Reading »

Survey data shows the devastating economic and health effects of COVID-19 on the diabetes community Continue Reading »

The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists 2020 conference covered the benefits of sleep education for diabetes management, medications that support kidney health, caring for adults with diabetes during COVID-19, and more! Continue Reading »

ADA’s #HealthEquityNow focuses on ensuring that all people with diabetes have the right to health, quality care, and medical resources; the Health Equity Bill of Rights lays out ten basic rights for people with diabetes or prediabetes Continue Reading »

As the school year approaches, families with diabetes are trying to determine how to safely navigate returning to school in the time of COVID-19 Continue Reading »

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic JDRF is making some big changes. We interviewed CEO Dr. Aaron Kowalski and Head of Research and Development Dr. Sanjoy Dutta to find out more about their research efforts and downsizing Continue Reading »