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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic JDRF is making some big changes. We interviewed CEO Dr. Aaron Kowalski and Head of Research and Development Dr. Sanjoy Dutta to find out more about their research efforts and downsizing Continue Reading »

As the school year approaches, college students with diabetes and their families are trying to figure out how to safely navigate returning to academics in the time of COVID-19 Continue Reading »

COVID testing in San Francisco revealed striking inequalities in workplace safety; many people can't work from home during the pandemic. We collaborated with Beyond Type 1 to discuss the challenges facing people with diabetes as they return to work Continue Reading »

As COVID restrictions and recommendations shift, what do we know about staying safe with diabetes? How can we protect others and make careful decisions about risk? Continue Reading »

Health Canada authorizes the latest temporary approval for CGM during the pandemic: the Dexcom G6 is now available to pregnant women with diabetes  Continue Reading »

We interviewed Dr. Partha Kar to learn about how people are using time in range in his clinic and what obstacles our society will need to overcome to promote wider use of time in range  Continue Reading »

Riva Greenberg reports the findings and recommendations of an international group of diabetes experts that is working to understand the pandemic's impact on people with diabetes, strengthen prevention, and improve how diabetes care is delivered long-term Continue Reading »

Dr. Anne Peters shares insights on how healthcare professionals can help people ease the challenges of managing diabetes during COVID and how the shift to telemedicine has encouraged greater use of clinical metrics beyond A1C Continue Reading »