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Steady Health’s new five-week program will help people with diabetes in California and Washington get professional CGM and remote diabetes care Continue Reading »

Two exciting technology partnerships were recently announced: Medtronic will acquire Companion Medical in the next few months to advance insulin delivery and increase access to InPen, plus, Ascensia has partnered with Senseonics to promote the implantable Eversense CGM Continue Reading »

In exciting news for digital diabetes prevention programs, a new study showed that highly engaged participants – those who more frequently engaged in food logging, lessons, and physical activity – were more likely to lose weight Continue Reading »

Enroll in Level2 to get a CGM, a Fitbit activity tracker, and easily accessible virtual health coaching; the program is designed to help people achieve type 2 diabetes remission Continue Reading »

Health Canada authorizes the latest temporary approval for CGM during the pandemic: the Dexcom G6 is now available to pregnant women with diabetes  Continue Reading »

We interviewed Dr. Partha Kar to learn about how people are using time in range in his clinic and what obstacles our society will need to overcome to promote wider use of time in range  Continue Reading »

Dr. Anne Peters shares insights on how healthcare professionals can help people ease the challenges of managing diabetes during COVID and how the shift to telemedicine has encouraged greater use of clinical metrics beyond A1C Continue Reading »

InPen – a reusable, Bluetooth-enabled, smart insulin dosing and tracking pen – is now available for people of all ages in the United States Continue Reading »