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Time in Range (TIR) is more than just another diabetes metric; it is a tool that can be used to improve communication with your healthcare providers and empower you both in the doctor’s office and beyond. We sat down with two people with diabetes and their provider to discuss how TIR improves their patient-provider communication. Continue Reading »

fruit street diabetes prevention program

A remote diabetes prevention program from Fruit Street that gives people with diabetes one-on-one dietician support, live group sessions, and a Fitbit scale and activity tracker to monitor progress is now being offered to anyone – even those whose insurance plans are not partners. Continue Reading »

In case you missed them, below you’ll find our top five stories from February 2022. This month’s best stories cover a wide variety of topics including diet recommendations, the launch of a new online resource for combating diabetes stigma, and new type 1 cures research. Continue Reading »

Tandem’s t:connect mobile app, which connects the t:slim X2 insulin pump to your smartphone, can soon be used to deliver your insulin boluses. Continue Reading »

Neuropathy neural stimulator

The FDA approved Medtronic’s spinal cord stimulators for the treatment of chronic pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Learn more about these devices and how they address the pain from DPN. Continue Reading »

The Eversense E3 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) has been approved by the FDA for people with diabetes aged 18 and older. The 180-day implantable sensor will be available later in 2022. Continue Reading »

Former NFL player and veteran sports reporter Mike Golic talks about creating an individual treatment plan to best fit your needs, how he uses diabetes technology, and how having a conversation about your diabetes can help you stay healthy over time. Continue Reading »

In a study of children younger than seven, automated insulin delivery (AID) led to greater Time in Range, less Time above Range, and lower A1C levels. Continue Reading »