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The artificial pancreas in peoples’ homes at the Annual Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes Meeting in Paris. Continue Reading »

We're testing out Insulet's new OmniPod. Read about the smaller, thinner, and lighter pod! Continue Reading »

On February 7, the FDA cleared LifeScan’s OneTouch VerioSync blood glucose meter. It will feature wireless Bluetooth... Continue Reading »

The artificial pancreas is coming – will it be connected to an iPhone? What we learned at Children with Diabetes - Focus on Technology. Continue Reading »

Gary Scheiner shares how to make your blood glucose data work for you. Continue Reading »

The 2012 Diabetes Technology Meeting provides new insights into the artificial pancreas and the latest thinking on regulation from the FDA. Continue Reading »

On November 29, NeuroMetrix announced that it had cleared the final hurdle holding up the introduction of the Sensus... Continue Reading »