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42 factors

Adding 20 new factors, a whole new category on behavior and decisions, and research on unexpected things that impact blood sugar and diabetes Continue Reading »


A unique mindset to resist tempting foods, including in peer-pressured group settings Continue Reading »

Chia pudding on the go

“Adam, what do you eat when you’re on a plane?” My six go-to strategies from hundreds of flights and airports Continue Reading »

CGM reading

How to overcome the most frustrating diabetes landmine Continue Reading »

Sugar spoon

Best-selling author on why he believes “calories in-out” is not an explanation for obesity, why we need better science, and nutrition recommendations for people with diabetes Continue Reading »


How to get cheaper drugs, find discount programs, get free care in clinical trials, and more Continue Reading »


How Adam Brown learned to make low-carb food tasty, doable, portable, and fun. Plus, cool new diabetes food experiments he's been testing! Continue Reading »

The lame food advice at Adam Brown's diagnosis, why it didn’t work, and Adam's #1 Bright Spot solution Continue Reading »