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CGM and smart insulin delivery panelists diaTribe Musings

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and other advancements in diabetes technology over the past decade have given people with diabetes a greater ability to manage their glucose levels and insulin dosing. Read what experts had to say about these advancements at diaTribe’s latest Musings panel – Tools to Reach Your Target: CGM and Smart Insulin Delivery. Continue Reading »

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common diabetes-related complications, but its silence, both within the individual and in conversations about diabetes, leaves millions unaware of how to act. Hear from experts at diaTribe’s latest Musings panel on diabetes and CKD, who hope to make more noise about the causes, treatments, and the importance of getting screened for CKD. Continue Reading »

diaTribe spoke with Jeff Dachis, the CEO and founder of One Drop, to learn how his diabetes diagnosis and professional background in data science and predictive modeling has helped shape his vision for One Drop and what this means for people with diabetes. Continue Reading »

Use of diabetes technology and management techniques have expanded significantly in recent years, but diabetes outcomes are less optimal today than a decade ago. This article includes expert insights on the newest tools, and how people with diabetes can use these tools to create a more personal approach to their care.  Continue Reading »

weight obesity and diabetes management

The relationship between obesity and diabetes is complex, but the many relevant factors related to genetics, lifestyle, and the environment are becoming clearer. Hear expert opinions on these relationships, as well as insights on treatments and weight stigma from diaTribe’s Solvable Problems in Diabetes panel discussion. Continue Reading »

diaTribe is attending the 57th annual European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference this week. Keep an eye out later this week for the biggest news and highlights from one of the largest gatherings of experts in the world this year. Continue Reading »

At our September Musings event, experts in diabetes technology gathered to discuss what the explosion of data means for people with diabetes, healthcare providers, and systems, and how it will continue to improve management and care.  Continue Reading »

One of the most powerful ways to change a person’s mind is to have a one-on-one conversation. By focusing on the power of storytelling, diaTribe encourages people to share their experiences as an effective tool to fight against stigma, stereotypes, and the harmful trap of the single story of diabetes. Continue Reading »