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Fiasp, insulin, novo nordisk, EMA, mealtime, next generation

Novo Nordisk’s newest insulin receives EMA approval; expected to launch in the first half of 2017 Continue Reading »

ADA, Exercise, stretch, diabetes, prediabetes

New ADA guidelines encourage interrupting long periods of sitting: improved blood glucose management and insulin sensitivity Continue Reading »

Public workshop scheduled at FDA for August 29, 2016. Get involved! Continue Reading »

Healthy food

Why the FDA may change its definition of healthy, and how it could impact people with diabetes. Plus, what's coming to nutrition labels? Continue Reading »

Humulin U500 KwikPen

Launch before the second half of 2016. What savings program will be offered? Continue Reading »


Comment by March 26 to ensure that diabetes devices easily communicate with one another, other devices, and software. Continue Reading »

Increased focus on sleep, mental health, and behavior – what other changes were made? Continue Reading »