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Medicare CGM diabetes

FreeStyle Libre 14-Day Now Available, G6 ships to Medicare users in early 2019 Continue Reading »


Acclaimed author James S. Hirsch on his encounter with a broken healthcare system while trying to obtain FreeStyle Libre for his teenage son Continue Reading »


Omnipod will be available in pharmacies and covered under Medicare Part D. Coverage is expected to officially start next January, though formulary exceptions are possible in 2018.  Continue Reading »

Freestyle Libre

Available to people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes on intensive insulin therapy. Another continuous glucose sensor option for people over 65 is now covered, in addition to Dexcom G5! Continue Reading »


How one court ruling may reverse Medicare’s policy denying coverage of most CGMs Continue Reading »

Medicare graphic

From enrolling in the four types of plans to what they cover, everything you need to know when making the switch to Medicare with diabetes Continue Reading »


How to get cheaper drugs, find discount programs, get free care in clinical trials, and more Continue Reading »

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Breaking down employer-based health insurance, employee health benefits, and employee rights for people with diabetes Continue Reading »