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New to insulin? Learn about insulin dosing and timing and how often to test your blood sugar levels if you have type 2 diabetes. Continue Reading »

If you just got a continuous glucose monitoring system, you may be wondering how to use it most effectively and how to understand your glucose data. Read our tips, tricks, and things to consider. Continue Reading »

A diabetes diagnosis can be a scary thing, not just for the person who’s diagnosed but for that person’s loved ones as well. How can you support someone through a diagnosis and beyond, and what do people with diabetes need from their loved ones? Continue Reading »

Learn about the different forms of insulin and how to choose the best types for you. Continue Reading »

Desde la inscripción en los cuatro tipos de planes hasta lo que cubren, todo lo que necesitas saber si tienes diabetes y te pasas a Medicare Continue Reading »

If you or your child was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you probably have many questions about how to manage this new condition. Dr. Fran Kaufman explains glucose levels and glucose targets, types of insulin and insulin doses, the honeymoon phase, and more Continue Reading »

In part two of Dr. Bergenstal's video series on understanding your ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report, he discusses how to use the information to help your diabetes management and where to find your AGP report on different diabetes devices Continue Reading »

Pediatric endocrinologist and longtime diaTribe Advisory Board member Dr. Fran Kaufman shares tips for managing illness and diabetes: make a sick day plan, have supplies on hand, log your data, modify your insulin doses, and call your healthcare team Continue Reading »