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Personal Stories

Every person with diabetes has a unique story and their own path of managing and responding to the challenges of diabetes. Even though each story is individual, we learn from hearing about one another’s experiences, from the highs to the lows. We bring you personal stories to show some of the many ways that individuals, families, and communities live well with diabetes and manage the condition.

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A unique mindset to resist tempting foods, including in peer-pressured group settings Continue Reading »

ambulatory glucose profile

My approach to time-in-range goals, five key tips to spend more time-in-range each day, and what’s still to come from experts…  Continue Reading »

Chia pudding on the go

“Adam, what do you eat when you’re on a plane?” My six go-to strategies from hundreds of flights and airports Continue Reading »

5 minutes

How I avoid one of my biggest diabetes landmines: “I don’t have an hour, so I can’t…” Continue Reading »

family photo

How do I talk to family and friends about diabetes? Is this MY burden to bear? Are loved ones a “diabetes bright spot” or “diabetes police”? Continue Reading »

Farhad & Imber

Jim Hirsch tells the story of how Type 1 Team Texas emerged to meet the diabetes community's needs in the face of the hurricane Continue Reading »

How I avoid highs, prevent lows, and stop blood sugar frustration during exercise Continue Reading »

Bike Beyond

Q&A with Bike Beyond riders on what got them through a 10-week cross country bike trip Continue Reading »