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Personal Stories

Every person with diabetes has a unique story and their own path of managing and responding to the challenges of diabetes. Even though each story is individual, we learn from hearing about one another’s experiences, from the highs to the lows. We bring you personal stories to show some of the many ways that individuals, families, and communities live well with diabetes and manage the condition.

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As 2020 comes to an end, we reflect on the past year with immense gratitude for our community. In 2021 at diaTribe, we will continue to focus on helping people with diabetes and prediabetes live happy and healthy lives. Continue Reading »

What’s it like to live at the intersection of type 2 diabetes and heart disease? diaTribe interviewed health advocate Jacqueline Alikhaani about her journey, the health strategies she’s found helpful, and advice she has for others Continue Reading »

As the school year approaches, families with diabetes are trying to determine how to safely navigate returning to school in the time of COVID-19 Continue Reading »

COVID testing in San Francisco revealed striking inequalities in workplace safety; many people can't work from home during the pandemic. We collaborated with Beyond Type 1 to discuss the challenges facing people with diabetes as they return to work Continue Reading »

At diaTribe, we want to celebrate those in the LGBTQ+ community who are also living with diabetes. In this article, we spotlight Nia Grant. Hear about the highs and lows she has faced as well as her advice for others Continue Reading »

The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation continues her legacy of greatness Continue Reading »

diaTribe’s community manager Cherise Shockley interviewed Karen Washington, one of the stars in the PBS documentary Blood Sugar Rising, about her work to make healthy foods accessible and her vision for the future Continue Reading »

After a month of her daughter using Control-IQ, Katie Bacon reviews the pros and cons of the algorithm and shares her family’s tips and takeaways Continue Reading »