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Personal Stories

Every person with diabetes has a unique story and their own path of managing and responding to the challenges of diabetes. Even though each story is individual, we learn from hearing about one another’s experiences, from the highs to the lows. We bring you personal stories to show some of the many ways that individuals, families, and communities live well with diabetes and manage the condition.

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A few weeks ago, Kelly experienced severe hypoglycemia (she left her RileyLink in her basement by accident!) – lucky for her, she had just picked up a new emergency glucagon from her pharmacy that Dr. Nancy Bohannon had recommended, along with Xeris’ new glucagon! In this interview, Kelly shares her experience with Baqsimi, and reflections on what the new treatment means for her health and well-being, and her family’s calm and happiness Continue Reading »

We asked readers, “Who’s Your Bright Spot?” Read about those who make life with diabetes better and brighter Continue Reading »

Adam’s presentation at Friends for Life 2019 Continue Reading »

Children, ages 4 to 17, met with Members of Congress to help them understand what it’s like to live with type 1 diabetes and why research for a cure is so important. Fourteen-year-old Jamie Kurtzig, who has had diabetes since she was one year old, was a delegate from California Continue Reading »

Low-carb pizza, low-cost produce home delivered, staying in-range during long exercise (UCAN), getting paid for steps, and Starbucks’ egg bites Continue Reading »

JDRF Chief Mission Officer Dr. Aaron Kowalski has been named the organization’s next President and CEO. See our exclusive interview with Dr. Kowalski! Continue Reading »

Loop diabetes review Jamie Kurtzig

How Jamie Kurtzig, a high school student using a DIY automated insulin delivery system, manages her type 1 diabetes Continue Reading »

Mark Bertolini book

An inside look into former Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini's book, "Mission Driven Leadership: My Journey as a Radical Capitalist" Continue Reading »