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A standing ovation for Dr. Margaret Powers at ADA last monthr Dr. Margaret Powers at ADA last month. Continue Reading »

 “Monumental news for the 51% of American seniors living with prediabetes.” Continue Reading »

Yes Health

Plus, a partnership with UCSF to drive better research.    Continue Reading »

Tax revenue will be invested in primary school sports in England.  Continue Reading »


Type 1 diabetes has been prevented and cured in more than 500 ways in mice, but never in humans.  nPOD researchers are trying to change that, one donated organ at a time. Continue Reading »

Do I Have Prediabetes?

ADA, CDC, AMA, and the Ad Council just launched the first-ever national PSA campaign targeting prediabetes awareness and prevention - plus, three short video ads! Continue Reading »


What does this controversial data mean for the type 2 diabetes epidemic? Continue Reading »

Leading ophthalmologist Dr. Ivan Suñer on what diabetic retinopathy is, how to prevent it, and what future treatments hold. Continue Reading »