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Hope Warshaw interviewed Dr. Martin Abrahamson and Dr. Sanjiv Chopra about their new self-published book, Conquer Your Diabetes: Prevention – Control – Remission. Her interview explores the key premises and practical steps these authors recommend to live a healthy and fulfilling life with diabetes. Continue Reading »

fruit street diabetes prevention program

A remote diabetes prevention program from Fruit Street that gives people with diabetes one-on-one dietician support, live group sessions, and a Fitbit scale and activity tracker to monitor progress is now being offered to anyone – even those whose insurance plans are not partners. Continue Reading »

Doctor with stomach visual

Bariatric, or weight loss, surgery could help you achieve a healthier weight and better manage your diabetes. However, this option is not for everyone. Find out what makes you a good candidate for this procedure, what the different types of bariatric surgeries are, and what kind of results could be achieved. Continue Reading »

Five percent of people with type 2 diabetes could achieve remission, research says. In recent years, virtual clinics, coaching, and mobile apps have made achieving remission easier and more accessible. Continue Reading »

Early action after a type 2 diabetes diagnosis is key to managing your glucose levels, staying healthy, and avoiding complications. Prof. Phillip Home shares his tips for those newly diagnosed – from starting conversations with your healthcare team to finding the right medications for you. Continue Reading »

While diabetes and prediabetes treatments have traditionally focused on managing your glucose, recent research highlights the importance of weight loss in type 2 diabetes prevention, management, and remission. Continue Reading »

Time in Range, or TIR, is quickly becoming a metric everyone is talking about in diabetes. Whether you’re a TIR expert, or you just learned about this new metric, learn how Michael Hattori used this helpful measurement to help him achieve type 2 diabetes remission. Continue Reading »

A recent consensus report from leading experts details a new definition for what it means to have type 2 diabetes in remission and why it is important to use the proper terminology in place of other words, such as “reversal” or “cure.” Continue Reading »