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The latest research in type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and beyond. Here you’ll find information on experimental therapies, new data and results, and scientific findings.

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A team of world-renowned experts in diabetes presented updates about automated insulin delivery (AID), focusing on the role of diet and exercise for closed-loop systems.  Continue Reading »

Dr. Ania Jastreboff, of the Yale University School of Medicine, and colleagues presented new data at the ADA 82nd Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the SURMOUNT-1 trial, which investigated the effectiveness of tirzepatide, a drug recently approved as Mounjaro by the FDA for treating type 2 diabetes, for the treatment of obesity.  Continue Reading »

The iLet Bionic Pancreas is currently the closest automated insulin delivery system to a fully closed loop system. At ADA's 82nd Scientific Sessions, a panel of experts shared the impressive results from the recent iLet Bionic Pancreas pivotal trial. Continue Reading »

The American Diabetes Association's 82nd Scientific Sessions brought together great minds in diabetes for exciting news and discussions. Check out highlights from the largest conference in diabetes, including automated insulin delivery, Time in Range, extremely promising drugs in development, complications, and diet recommendations. Continue Reading »

Mounjaro (tirzepatide), a first-of-its kind medication for treating type 2 diabetes, has been approved by the FDA after much anticipation. This new medication has been shown to dramatically lower A1C and weight in clinical trials. Continue Reading »

Learn what some of the latest research says about the heart health benefits of diabetes drugs like SGLT-2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, and non-steroidal MRAs. Continue Reading »

At ATTD 2022, researchers discussed the latest research on pregnancy, menstrual cycles, and overall health outcomes in women with diabetes. Diabetes technology can be a valuable tool to improve women’s health and empower people with real-time health data. Continue Reading »

Automated insulin delivery systems are becoming more advanced and over time have become more widely adopted within the diabetes community. At ATTD 2022, experts presented updates on this emerging technology including results on the iLet Bionic Pancreas and MiniMed 780G. Continue Reading »