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In part two of Dr. Bergenstal's video series on understanding your ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report, he discusses how to use the information to help your diabetes management and where to find your AGP report on different diabetes devices Continue Reading »

What is an ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report and what can it tell you? In this video, Dr. Rich Bergenstal from the International Diabetes Center explains the origin of the AGP report, how to read the information it includes, and ways to use your AGP to optimize your CGM data Continue Reading »

What’s an AGP report, and what does it show? Why does my AGP matter? How can I use an AGP report to improve my blood glucose levels and time in range? Continue Reading »

The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists' 2020 conference covered how to use CGM to adjust insulin during exercise, how to reduce fear of hypoglycemia, the benefits of involving community health workers in diabetes care, and more Continue Reading »

Diabetes and heart disease are closely connected. This article discusses heart disease, important numbers to know, and ways to improve your heart health  Continue Reading »

En el Mes Nacional de la Salud de las Minorías, el autor comparte la historia de su diagnóstico de diabetes tipo 2 Continue Reading »

A summary of the landmark trials that show that careful blood glucose management can lower the risk of long-term health complications in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes  Continue Reading »

Enroll in Level2 to get a CGM, a Fitbit activity tracker, and easily accessible virtual health coaching; the program is designed to help people achieve type 2 diabetes remission Continue Reading »