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diabetes prevention program

Participating in a lifestyle change program could help lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes Continue Reading »

oral medication for type 1

Farxiga and Sotagliflozin are the first pills to seek approval as add-ons to insulin for type 1; both bring strong time-in-range benefits, and if approved, might launch in 2019 Continue Reading »


Ketogenic (low-carb + high-fat) diet and remote coaching to “reverse” type 2 diabetes shows 60% of participants had type 2 “reversed," 94% of insulin users reduced or stopped insulin use, and more Continue Reading »

ozempic, diabetes

People with type 2 can now get the once-weekly injectable in the US. The latest GLP-1 to show strong A1c-lowering and weight loss, Ozempic will also reach Europe in the second half of 2018 Continue Reading »

Arrows - GLP-1

A review of how far GLP-1 agonists have come – drugs for type 2 diabetes that help with not only blood sugar management, but with weight loss and heart health too Continue Reading »


New apps and software updates from mySugr, Insulia, One Drop, as well as food and weight loss apps


The latest evidence on Saxenda shows that three years of treatment with the drug lowers risk for type 2 diabetes by an impressive 79% Continue Reading »

Metabolic surgery, bariatric surgery

ADA statement of support released at the 2nd Diabetes Surgery Summit; highlights reversal of diabetes symptoms after surgery for some candidates Continue Reading »