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Another move from northern California to combat childhood obesity. Continue Reading »

Xultophy, Novo Nordisk

One of the biggest drug highlights at the 2015 ADA Scientific Sessions was a compelling presentation by diaTribe scientific Advisory Board member Dr. John Buse on brand new phase 3 clinical trial data comparing Xultophy (a GLP-1 agonist/long acting insulin combination taken as a single injection) to Lantus (a long acting insulin) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The results of the 26-week study were very impressive... Continue Reading »


Another diabetes drug that helps people lose weight? Continue Reading »

What this dramatic movement in obesity therapy means for patients in Europe. Continue Reading »

COBA, Childhood Obesity Bay Area Conference

Our main takeaways from this conference: new apps, startling statistics, and more! Continue Reading »

Will it be the first US city to have warning labels for sugary drinks? Continue Reading »


Current trial results show that obese patients using Contrave are about 41% less likely to experience any major heart event (e.g. heart attack, strokes, or heart-related deaths) than those on a placebo. Specifically, the results show that Contrave leads to a 30% reduction in heart attacks, a 37% reduction in strokes, and a 74% reduction in heart-related deaths. This is early data, and it’s too soon to tell if these results will hold in the long-term, but it’s promising to see positive heart safety data in these early stages. Continue Reading »