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Practical advice for eating and drinking to combat childhood obesity. Continue Reading »

At the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference this month, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to ~100 teenagers with diabetes. My talk, “10 Tips for Living Well with Type 1,” was a lot of fun to put together, and our team thought diaTribe readers might be interested in seeing it... Continue Reading »

JAMA Pediatrics

The story of one boy’s struggle with stigma. Continue Reading »


Another move from northern California to combat childhood obesity. Continue Reading »

Students with Diabetes

Registration ends May 8 – join this amazing weekend of learning, networking, and meeting other young adults with type 1 diabetes. Continue Reading »

Medtronic MiniMed 670G

Josh Airth, a 17-year old with type 1 diabetes, recently participated in a clinical trial of the Medtronic 670G "hybrid-closed loop"system (insulin pump + Enlite 3 CGM sensor). We had the opportunity to ask Josh questions about his experience on the 670G, which is the first direct patient testimony we’ve heard so far about this innovative technology.... Continue Reading »

COBA, Childhood Obesity Bay Area Conference

Our main takeaways from this conference: new apps, startling statistics, and more! Continue Reading »

Dr. Richard Insel, JDRF

How this “disease interception” strategy could transform our knowledge of type 1 diabetes. Continue Reading »