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Tour de Cure Women’s Series Empowers Women to Cycle for Diabetes

Published: 8/7/14

Twitter Summary: ADA’s Tour de Cure Women Series events kickoff this fall on the west coast, help ride to stop #diabetes 

A special note for Bay Area readers or anyone with friends here! On Saturday, September 13, and Sunday, October 26, the ADA will bring the Tour de Cure Women’s Series to Santa Barbara and the San Francisco Bay Area. This is an offshoot of the Tour de Cure Series; the ADA will host its first Women’s Series to foster confidence among women touched by diabetes. The event encourages women of all ages and abilities to take part (though men can also ride), and participants will include celebrities such as Robin Farina (President of the Women’s Cycling Association and 2012 Olympic team member). For both locations, the registration fee is $15, with a fundraising minimum of $200. The Santa Barbara event offers 8, 20, 37, and 67-mile routes, and the San Francisco Bay Area event has 15, 36, and 66 mile options. For more information about registration, please see the individual registration pages for Santa Barbara and San Francisco Bay Area. Alternatively, for those interested in participating but who can’t make it out to California, try locating a Tour de Cure event closer to home. –SL 

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