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Type 1 University Now Offering “Placement Exams”

Published: 4/30/12

We last wrote about Type 1 University (T1U) in our test drive in diaTribe #29 – at the time, we were quite impressed after attending two of Gary Scheiner’s advanced online courses for insulin users. The T1U website has now expanded to offer ten classes for those interested in learning more about a variety of topics (e.g., CGM, basal insulin adjustment, weight loss, etc.). However, given the wide breadth of interesting classes and the variance in diabetes education and knowledge, it may not be obvious which class(es) might be useful to take. Encouragingly, Gary and his team are now offering “placement exams” – those interested in one or more of the hour-long courses can take a short five-question test on the course material. To see if you have the knowledge to “test out,” visit –AB

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