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Vida Health’s Digital Type 2 Diabetes Program Lowers A1C

Updated: 6/14/21 1:00 pmPublished: 6/14/21
By Eliza Skoler

By Eliza Skoler

New results show that Vida Health’s digital diabetes coaching program led to meaningful reductions in A1C levels among people with type 2 diabetes, especially for those highly engaged with the program.

New research shows that Vida Health’s digital diabetes management program lowered A1C levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Vida Health offers several programs that involve personal coaching, goal-setting, and integrated technology to support physical and mental health – including a type 2 diabetes management program and diabetes prevention program. The new results seem to be good news for people with type 2 diabetes; this program could help you better manage your blood sugar levels.

The study population included 258 people with type 2 diabetes and an A1C above 7%. As part of the program, participants received structured lessons about diabetes management and had one-on-one internet visits with Vida coaches. After four months:

  • Participants had an average 0.8 percentage point reduction in A1C.

  • Participants with a starting A1C above 8% saw an average reduction of 1.4 percentage points and those with a starting A1C below 8% had a smaller A1C reduction.

  • Those who met more often with their health coach via the internet saw a greater decrease in their A1C.

“Digital health provides an outstanding opportunity to reach people living with diabetes anywhere and anytime and can fill an important gap in care,” said Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Science & Medical Officer for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). “These results from Vida Health are further proof that human-led virtual care solutions can have a meaningful and hopefully lasting impact on the health of people with diabetes.”

Vida Health is most often offered through employers and health plans. However, individuals can also sign up for the services; payment options range from $79 per month to $699 for one year.

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