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Weight Watchers’ Diabetes Program – Lose Weight and Lower A1C

Updated: 6/27/22 12:57 pmPublished: 6/27/22
By Matthew Garza

Positive results from a study of Weight Watchers’ diabetes-tailored program shows reductions in weight, A1C, diabetes distress. Read on to learn more.

Although having overweight or obesity is not the only risk factor for type 2 diabetes, it is an important one. Weight management could help someone prevent type 2 diabetes, or help someone with diabetes better manage their glucose levels. 

One potential strategy for weight management has been to use coaching apps which have become a valuable tool for people with diabetes. Weight Watchers has been one of these apps focused on providing support for people trying to lose weight. A new program, PersonalPoints, is designed so users can make their own plan for better nutrition and weight management, tailored to their specific needs. This means having a plan that is tailored to diabetes. But does the plan actually work?

Weight Watchers recently released results from a six-month clinical trial that showed its PersonalPoints program could have significant benefits for people with diabetes.

In the study, which included 136 people with type 2 diabetes, results showed that on average, participants at 24 weeks:

  • Reduced their A1C by 0.8 percentage points (from an average starting A1C of 7.9%). 

  • Lost around 5.7% of their weight (from an average starting weight of around 230 lbs) and decreased their waist circumference by more than two inches.

  • Reduced diabetes distress by 9.8%, including feeling less emotional burden, regimen-related stress, and overall diabetes distress.

The PersonalPoints program is individualized for each participant and is designed to encourage people with diabetes to eat more lean protein, high-fiber, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats, while also giving people guidance on how to enjoy fruit, whole grains, and dairy in ways that work for them while minimizing the impact on glucose levels.

The program starts at around $10 a month, depending on which plan you choose. You can learn more about pricing for Weight Watchers here.

To read more on weight management, check out: “How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off.”

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