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What Did You Miss?

Updated: 1/31/22 2:03 pmPublished: 1/31/22
By Matthew Garza

In case you missed them, below you’ll find our top five stories from January 2022. This month’s most read stories cover a wide variety of topics including updates to the ADA Standards of Care, type 1 cures, recipes, and more.

1. Your Guide to the 2022 Changes to the ADA Standards of Care

The American Diabetes Association released its 2022 Standards of Care, which provides an annual update on practice guidelines. Here's what these new updates mean, including your options for first-line glucose-lowering therapies, when you should be screened for diabetes, the expanded use of diabetes care technology, and more.

​​2. Type 1 Cures: A Sneak Peek into the Lab

As scientific researchers continue to make strides toward a cure for type 1 diabetes, diaTribe sat down with Sean Kramer, the CEO of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and a person with type 1 himself, to discuss the latest in the search for a cure.

3. Lingo: Abbott’s New Line of Wearable Health Technology

Abbott Laboratories just announced its new category of wearable technology – called Lingo – that will have the ability to track glucose, ketones, lactate, and alcohol. This small sensor is not intended for use by people with diabetes and not yet available for purchase.

4. Sweet Tips from the No Sugar Baker

After a harrowing experience with diabetes-related complications, Jayne Jones made drastic changes to the way she was living that helped turn everything around. Her new cookbook, focused on no-sugar recipes, is her way of sharing what she learned with others.

5. What Do You Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Amber Clour has been living with diabetes for almost forty years, and she is no stranger to the many curveballs diabetes can throw your way. She shares how she navigates the unexpected and what resources she draws on – and what people she leans on – when everything seems to go wrong.

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