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Why can't we use it? Why we need to advocate for seniors having access to CGMs.

Updated: 8/14/21 8:00 amPublished: 5/1/14

Access to CGM seniors on Medicare

A powerful video from Dr. Anne Peters urges people impacted by diabetes to advocate for access to continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for seniors with type 1 diabetes. Having type 1 can be a daily struggle managing high and low blood sugars, and using a CGM can make life much easier of patients. However, Medicare does not cover CGM for people with type 1 diabetes, meaning that when someone turns 65, this important device is taken away. Please help by watching the video here to learn more about this important issue

Access to CGM for seniors on Medicare

Wondering what you can do? Please show your support for HR 3710, the Medicare CGM Coverage Act introduced into Congress by Congresswoman Carol-Shea Porter. You can quickly vote to support the bill here - it only takes a few minutes, and if you have time to fill out the general information, your Congressperson will be notified of your support! -NL

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