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Will Upcoming Microsoft and Apple Smart Watches Monitor Glucose Levels?

Updated: 8/14/21 8:00 amPublished: 8/11/14

Twitter Summary: Glucose info right on your wrist? Microsoft/Apple rumored smart watches might make that a reality

We first wrote about Google’s venture into the diabetes world in January, when the company announced plans to develop a smart contact lens to continuously monitor blood glucose levels. Most recently, this included a partnership with drug company Novartis to bring this product to market. Now, there are rumors that other well-known technology companies like Apple and Microsoft may also enter the diabetes market. Technology watchers have written that both companies plan on launching “smart watches” by the end of the year, which could potentially include glucose-monitoring technology. Allegedly, Apple’s “iWatch” is awaiting FDA approval, though some reports speculate that the glucose-monitoring technology will not be ready for the first generation model of the iWatch. Meanwhile, Microsoft filed a patent for its own smart watch device, which cryptically mentions an “optical sensor” that measures an unspecified “biometric parameter.”

Both companies have reportedly hired many sensor experts, including some that have specialized in glucose monitoring. Neither Apple nor Microsoft has made an official statement confirming the details of these products or expected release dates, so there’s not much to say beyond, “Stay tuned.” Minimally invasive glucose monitoring has been a dream for many years, and it’s great to see non-traditional medical device companies bringing their electronic and consumer expertise to the field. -AJW

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