Some years ago, I happened to see Adam on New Year’s Eve. He was wearing a Fitbit, a relatively new device at the time, and I asked if I could take a look. And there it was – Adam had already walked 11,000 steps that day! Just because it was December 31 didn’t mean it was time to kick back. I wondered what his week looked like; surely the holiday season would have complicated his schedule. Wrong again: he had racked up 10,300 steps on average each of the past seven days. How about the month? He clocked in at 12,000 steps a day, on average. Okay, anyone can have a great four weeks, but what did the year look like?

You guessed it. He averaged 10,004 steps a day!

Adam has been my friend and colleague for seven years, and without even looking at his Fitbit, I can tell you he hasn’t missed a step.

Someone who is that hyper-disciplined, that dedicated to his own health, can be intimidating. You feel as if no matter how hard you try, you can never measure up to this other person. But Adam sends out the exact opposite vibe. I see his passion to eat right, to exercise regularly, and to take care of his health every day, but he is just as interested in your physical and emotional well-being as his own.

For example, I sometimes feel discouraged after looking at my blood glucose, and I talk to Adam, who reminds me how challenging diabetes really is, how hard I’m working, and how well I’m actually doing.

“You’re such a good parent,” he also tells me. Or, “You’re such a good boss, or colleague, or friend.”

His words always make me feel better.

That’s why I couldn’t be more delighted that Adam has written this book. Wow, has it been an exciting process to be part of! You will discover many helpful ways to find “Diabetes Bright Spots” and avoid “Diabetes Landmines,” and you will also have a very good friend in Adam. Besides diabetes, the only other chronic conditions Adam has are perpetual good humor and a love of learning. Conscientious and self-effacing, he wears his optimism as durably as he tracks his steps, believing that education and encouragement are what we need to live longer and better lives. Adam’s faith in these tools animates every page of this book.

For many years now, Adam’s immensely popular column in diaTribe (Adam’s Corner) has been a herald for life-transforming tips on managing diabetes. He knows more about diabetes technology and digital health than anyone on this planet (seriously!), and he writes with equal parts expertise and empathy.

Consider sleep, which is one of the very important but often overlooked issues in diabetes care. Now, sleep is not really my thing, and I know I don’t get enough of it, but only after reading Adam’s chapter on sleep – and how seven hours of it can actually help produce better blood sugars the next day – did I fully realize why this is essential to my own health. Similar revelations can be found in this book on what to eat to minimize blood sugar swings, how to tackle exercise highs and lows and barriers, and why five mindful minutes in the morning (or one!) can make a difference all day. And so much more.

Trust me, Adam’s narrative is so grounded and so caring, mixing science with personal stories, that after reading this book, you will find yourself walking after meals or changing your restaurant orders. You might also, as Adam describes, find why in-range blood sugars help you today; engage your friends and family in your own care so that it’s more doable; and focus on consistency and routine, not just outcomes.

I love that this book is laser-focused on action – and that Adam has been unwavering in his goal: helping people with all kinds of diabetes through small but meaningful steps.

Can anyone read this book and improve some aspect of their life? Whether you have type 1, type 2, or even prediabetes, my answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Bright Spots & Landmines will make you smarter about your diabetes, more confident in your care, more hopeful in your future, and absolutely certain that you are not alone in this journey.

Please share this book with friends and family too – even if they don’t have diabetes! It will help us create a healthier nation and world, one of our main goals here at The diaTribe Foundation.

And one more thing. Buy a tracking device and count your steps. It’s more fun than counting carbs (do that too!), and every day of the year – even the last day – will be a Bright Spot.


Founder and Chair, The diaTribe Foundation

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Kelly L. Close is the founder and Chair of the Board of The diaTribe Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes, and advocating for action. Since 2006, she has been the Editor-in-Chief of diaTribe, our free website focused on making people with diabetes healthier and happier and advocating for action. Since 2002, she has also run Close Concerns, a healthcare information firm exclusively focused on diabetes and obesity.

Kelly’s passion for diabetes comes from her extensive professional work as well as her personal experience living with diabetes for over 30 years.

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