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About The diaTribe Foundation

Diabetes poses one of the largest challenges to healthcare today: nearly 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, we spend 245 billion dollars on diabetes in this country every year, and it is the 7th leading cause of death in America. And that’s just the US – by the year 2040, it’s projected that over 642 million adults in the world will have diabetes.

That is why we founded The diaTribe Foundation in 2012 to improve the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes, and to advocate for action. With deep insight in the patient experience and our fingers on the pulse of research and treatments, we are raising the level of conversation to make all of our world’s investments in diabetes care and research more impactful. 

At The diaTribe Foundation, we work to educate, advocate, and connect the field of diabetes.

Education: The diaTribe Foundation publishes diaTribe, an educational resource for people impacted by diabetes, written by people impacted by diabetes. Our educational content helps people with diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity better manage their disease and live more healthily, improve their quality of life, and join the conversation.

Advocacy: The diaTribe Foundation hopes to act as a patient advocate in various arenas of diabetes policy, industry, providers, and the public. Our founder Kelly Close is a well-known diabetes advocate who has spoken on behalf of patients at the FDA, industry meetings, and more.

Connecting: We aim to help bring together key players in the diabetes landscape and foster a greater culture of accountability across the board.

If you or someone you care for has diabetes or prediabetes, we want to make your voice heard, loud and clear, to as many people as possible. Help us spread the message so that we can improve the health of people with diabetes.

Introducing The diaTribe Foundation