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About diaTribe

diaTribeour patient-focused online publication, is part of The diaTribe Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes.

diaTribe seeks to empower our readers with useful, actionable information that gives them hope for a better future, and helps them live happier and healthier lives. Our tag line is “Making Sense of Diabetes.”

Our team has access to the world’s leading diabetes and obesity researchers and clinicians. We attend all the relevant conferences, and we've developed unmatched expertise in this area. Most important, we have personal connections to diabetes – many of us have it ourselves, and this perspective influences everything we do and write.

diaTribe covers a wide variety of topics related to diabetes. From type 1 to type 2, from drugs to devices, from research opportunities to regulatory decisions, the common thread through our articles is that they aim to provide value to our readers. That might come from learning about a new product or study, or from feeling more confident in discussions with their healthcare team, or simply gaining hope knowing that progress is being made every day. We also hope to raise awareness of unmet needs in diabetes and, through education, decrease the stigma associated with this disease.  

In writing diaTribe, we are guided by our core principles:

  • We aim to talk to our readers as regular people, not as “patients.”
  • Although we cover scientific developments, we try to make our coverage accessible to anyone regardless of their medical or scientific background.
  • We hope to make our articles as actionable as possible, providing tools and resources to make concrete changes in people’s lives.
  • We want to convey that progress is constant and that diabetes care will keep getting better.
  • We pride ourselves on scientific accuracy and rely heavily on our expert Advisory Board to ensure we are providing the best information possible.

We are committed to editorial independence: we don’t accept advertisements on our site, and we always say what we honestly think.

Most of the burden of diabetes rests with the individual, not the doctor. Knowledge is power, and we hope that passing on all the information possible in a clear manner will help readers improve their diabetes management, their quality of life, and ultimately their long-term outcomes. Read more here on what our readers have to say about how diaTribe has helped them in their diabetes journey, and see the results of our most recent reader survey here.

In diaTribe, we bring you relevant, focused information. Our columns include:

  • test drive – our personal, no-holds-barred experiences with new drugs & devices
  • new now next – short takes on the latest happenings from all over the diabetes and obesity worlds
  • learning curve – a deeper dive into the science behind the news
  • adam's corner Adam Brown tackles the daily challenges of diabetes with better habits, hacks, and more
  • conference pearls – a patient take on the best diabetes conferences around the globe
  • kelly up close – Kelly Close gives her perspective on the latest diabetes news
  • logbook – a look at the human drama of diabetes by best-selling author James S. Hirsch
  • moving the needle – coverage of advocacy happenings across the world
  • thinking like a pancreas - diabetes management tips from one our favorite diabetes educators, Gary Scheiner
  • sum musings – perspectives on a life with diabetes by acclaimed "Six Until Me" diabetes social media expert Kerri Sparling
  • diaTribe dialogue – excerpts from our conversations with leading healthcare providers and scientists, who share with us lessons from their offices and labs
  • trial watch – a synopsis of currently recruiting diabetes and obesity-related clinical trials
  • fingersticks – our humorous, illustrated renditions of diabetes and obesity topics
  • quotable quotes – the best quotes about diabetes and obesity that we’ve recently heard
  • what we're reading – reviews of some of our favorite recent readings on diabetes and obesity

I hope you enjoy diaTribe and it helps you in your journey. And because diaTribe is about you, please don't hesitate to write to us with comments or suggestions at [email protected] or [email protected], or to wave a flag to @diaTribenews. We're all in this together, and we'd love to hear from you.

Kelly L. Close
Editor-in-Chief, diaTribe
Founder and Chair of the Board, The diaTribe Foundation

For more information or for media inquiries, please contact diaTribe Editorial Director, Michael Howerton, at [email protected].