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Gestational Diabetes News

Gestational Diabetes develops during pregnancy, causing high blood sugar for both the mother & baby.  Learn how to lower blood sugar levels to protect yourself & your baby.

Learn to prevent CGM skin irritation with tips on sensor placement, hygiene, and helpful products for comfortable diabetes management.
Discover five strategies for eating special occasion romantic meals while managing blood sugars with diabetes.
A1C, crucial for diabetes management, varies by race, affecting accuracy. Supplementary measures like TIR offer a more tailored approach.
Discover the connection between thyroid diseases and diabetes, plus symptoms, prevalence, and effective management strategies.
Workshop unites advocates and artists to tackle diabetes stigma through comedy, creating impactful, stereotype-challenging content.
Salt is essential for regulating important body functions, but too much can be harmful. Here are some strategies to reduce sodium in your diet.
Discover the impact of hydration on diabetes, plus ideal water intake and personalized strategies for maintaining blood sugar levels in this detailed guide.
Discover the advances in diabetes care, from urine tests to CGM technology, enhancing management and quality of life for those with diabetes.
One of the best approaches to developing healthy lifestyle habits is to start small and build upon successes over time. This way, you can make lifestyle changes and...
2024 brings insulin price cuts but analysis shows 775 med price hikes, including diabetes drugs. Future price negotiations and affordability resources highlighted
Explore strategies for managing post-meal blood sugar spikes in diabetes, including adjusting insulin doses, dietary changes, and physical activity. Learn the importance...
Discover beer and hard seltzer: their popularity, types, nutrition, and mindful consumption, especially for diabetes.
Discover diaTribe's best 2023 diabetes articles on new treatments, advances in technology, lifestyle tips, and groundbreaking insights for better diabetes management.
As we head into the holiday season, gratitude is top of mind for many. Hear from people with diabetes on what gratitude means to them and other positives they’ve learned...
Explore the emerging effects of GLP-1 receptor agonists on glycemic control and weight management, including their potential impact on birth control pill absorption and...
Exploring the guilt linked to high blood sugars, this article addresses the emotional toll of diabetes data and emphasizes detaching self-worth from numbers.
Explore the profound issue of diabetes stigma and steps we can take to combat it. From the Language Matters movement to personal stories and global pledges, discover how...
Rising type 2 diabetes rates demand new approaches. The 2022 ADA/EASD Consensus Report emphasizes person-centered care, medications for glycemic control and weight loss...
Explore diabetes-friendly fast food options at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Get dietitian-approved picks and tips for healthier choices while maintaining your carb budget.
Explore diabetes-friendly fast food options. Get dietitian-approved picks and tips for healthier choices while maintaining your carb budget.